Treating Reflux – GERD – Simplest Measures

With regard to treatment the next question then becomes, “What happens when I’m following dietary measures and the mechanical measures, but I’m still having frequent reflux symptoms?  Is there anything else I can do?”  At that point, we try and look at minor measures to help support the lower esophageal sphincter.  One of the simplest things that we can do is try and take a preparation that contains something known as Alginate, which is a derivative of kelp or seaweed. Often this is found in liquid antacid, certain ones known as Gaviscon and another called Esophageal Guardian.  When we take Esophageal Guardian or Gaviscon that contains the Alginate, it forms a foam raft of one to three inches and that acts as a mechanical barrier so the food and the acid and the other gastric contents, such as bile or pepsin, cannot get up the esophagus, even in the presence of a weak sphincter. These are some of the most basic measures.

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