More Reflux Medication After Procedure

What, More Reflux Medication after The Procedure?

Continued medication use is often a concern after having had an anti-reflux procedure. With a Stretta procedure it is important that we maintain the same medications, for the first two months. This is because it’s during this period of time that the initial swelling takes place in the esophagus. Then with the reabsorption of that swelling, known as edema, we hope to see accelerated muscle growth effect. It is normally around that second month that that muscle growth effect starts to really become its strongest. Until then we like to try and keep patients on medications for the first two months, and if there’s a good response, slowly taper those medications off over several weeks. Of course, if there is a slower response and the muscle grows a little bit slower, which it does in many patients, medications may be needed for anywhere between three months and an additional six months before it is best to try and take the medications away. 

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