Reflux Unnoticed Symptoms and Fixing Sleep Apnea

Other manifestations of reflux disease that often go unnoticed that are critical are diseases that involve the respiratory system or the upper airway. In particular, we now know reflux, which then causes spasm of the larynx and aspiration or the breathing-in of stomach contents into the lungs, can cause sleep apnea. In fact, it is suspected at this time that up to 50% of those patients who have sleep apnea actually have reflux as the cause for their sleep apnea. This can be determined by doing a simultaneous pH study and sleep study, and when we match up the episodes of reflux with the episodes of apnea, it is possible to make a definitive diagnosis.  Then by controlling the reflux it is possible to fix the sleep apnea by fixing the reflux allowing the patients to no longer have to use those nighttime positive pressure breathing devices known as CPAP machines. It’s very important whenever sleep apnea is present to look for reflux.

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