Reflux Surgery – Success Rate of Nissen Fundoplication

The efficacy or the success rate for Nissen fundoplication is actually quite good, and we know that when we look at the long-term studies out as far as 10 years, we can expect between 35 and 65% of people who undergo this surgery to remain asymptomatic and off of medication. However, the remainder of that group will be back on medication within a three to five-year period, although their symptoms will still be better controlled than prior to having surgery.

Once you have had a Nissen fundoplication, if your reflux returns again, the options are to either: 1) repeat the Nissen fundoplication, which is often avoided because the complication rates are higher during the repeat, 2) perform a different procedure known as a Roux-en-Y procedure, which is a complete rerouting of stomach and intestinal tract to avoid reflux,  or 3) more commonly these days is to undergo an endoscopic therapy known as a Stretta procedure, which by modifying and improving the the internal sphincter of the lower esophageal sphincter helps to reestablish the prior effect of the Nissen fundoplication on the external sphincter.

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