Dr. Mark Noar

Dr. Mark D. Noar, is a Gastroenterologist and Therapeutic Endoscopist, who specializes in the advanced treatment of Digestive Disease and Neurogastroenterological Disorders.  He completed his training in Gastroenterology at Downstate Medical Center/Brooklyn VA, in Brooklyn, New York.  His training in Therapeutic Endoscopy was under the direction of Dr. Nib Soehendra, at the University Hospital in Hamburg, Germany.  Prior to completing medical school, he received his M.P.H. in Tropical Medicine and International Health from Tulane University.  His Doctoral studies in Filariasis were conducted at the School of Public Health at Columbia University in New York.

Dr. Noar has numerous awards, publications and presentations to his credit, as well as inventions in Reflux Disease, Medical Simulation, Endoscopic Biliary Instrumentation, and Electrogastrography.  Dr. Noar is known internationally for his research and work in the field of endoscopic endoluminal treatment for GERD, Secca correction of fecal incontinence, development of advanced medical simulation devices, the motility abnormalities associated with GERD, inflammatory bowel disease and electrogastrography.

Photograph by Steven Shulgach

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