Laryngeal Reflux – Extra Esophageal Symptoms

Another very common set of symptoms, we’ll call extra-esophageal symptoms, that are associated with reflux, include vocal fatigue or hoarseness, post nasal drip, and increased mucous production. All of these symptoms are often secondary to reflux, and not due to what has been assumed in the past to be  a recent viral illness, or chronic allergies.

It is very important if you have any of these chronic symptoms, especially if you’re being treated for allergic conditions, or sinus drainage, sinusitis, and you’re not getting better, to have your physician consider reflux as the primary disease. Again, by fixing the reflux, and not allowing reflux of gastric contents into the ear canals, or the larynx, or into your nasal passages, or sinuses, it is possible to stop the disease, and you’ll be treated more personally, or more accurately. 

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