Is Stretta Effective for Treating Acid Reflux – GERD?

I’m often asked how effective is the Stretta procedure for medically refractory reflux disease. I usually divide my answer based upon the type of reflux disease for the particular individual. Esophageal reflux, which involves the refluxing of gastric, mostly liquid contents, is actually much easier to treat, and we see a more rapid response and a higher percentage of improvement. Typically, in the first year we’ll see 92% to 92.5% of patients asymptomatic and off medication. When we go out to four years, that number decreases slightly to between 78 and 85%, and then when we look at the ten year data, which was published recently, we see that 72 to 75% of patients are still asymptomatic, most of them still not taking any medication even out to ten years.

When looking at other type of reflux, laryngeal reflux, or respiratory reflux, the numbers are slightly different. In the first year, we typically see between 86 and 88% of patients asymptomatic and off medication with regard to their laryngeal or respiratory reflux. This number decreases down to approximately 83% by the time we get to the third or fourth year, and at ten years it stays pretty much equal with the patients who have esophageal reflux, again between 70 and 75% efficacy long-term.

Because the Stretta procedure is what would be called a simple outpatient endoscopic procedure, patients will usually be present in the facility for approximately an hour, and then perhaps another hour of recovery time. Afterwards, most people can then leave and resume relatively normal activities, especially the next day after anesthesia has worn off. 

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