How Does the Stretta Procedure treat Reflux

How Does The Stretta Procedure Work?

What the Stretta procedure does, is use radio frequency energy, much like you see on the spectrum of harmless radio waves. The energy is well controlled by the device to keep the temperature low enough to not damage tissue. What it does do, is stimulate the water molecules within the muscle tissue in the lower esophageal sphincter to vibrate. With vibration, that creates heat. The heat effect causes the muscle to grow.

When we look at the muscle, the muscle is composed of bundles of fibers and then actual muscle tissue within the muscle fiber bundle. By stimulating these areas with radiofrequency waves, usually one minute at a time for a series of eight treatments in the esophagus and six treatments in the stomach side of the lower esophageal sphincter, we get a net doubling in the number of muscle fiber bundles as well as the amount of muscle within each fiber bundle. What this does is increase the strength, the goal being to get above that magic four millimeters of Mercury of pressure higher than what the stomach generates, and this effectively just shuts down reflux. This effect is not immediate. It begins and takes approximately two weeks and then upwards of a year to see the full doubling effect of the muscle.

This is really a very simple endoscopically administered procedure. In fact, the total amount of treatment time is only 14 minutes. At the end of 14 minutes, you’ve administered treatment to the lower esophageal sphincter and the sphincter then begins to grow. 

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